Our process is an iterative one that moves from phase to phase and if needed, can circle back to ensure the direction of innovation is appropriately validated. We help convert those who resist your ideas into advocates.


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We are experts in mining insights that indeed reveals exact stakeholder needs and desires. From Design Sprints, Visioning session and extensive Design Thinking Solution Workshops, 39A believes understanding users is the key to a successful product, service, or system development.



As entrepreneurial designers, we strive for actionable ideas to implement, not just ideas that live on a post-it note for eternity.


Therefore in our solutions workshops, we tend to professionally “push” our clients to produce solutions that could be “implemented tomorrow” typically in the form of a pitch.


Gaging an idea’s level of adoption is typically left to the “test” phase of a project, but we find it crucial to test assumptions early and break down any resistance in the early stages. At 39A, we feel this is an essential step in finding an idea’s true potential even if that means to gain understanding from an MVC (minimum viable concept) or a pitch.



There is a natural “comfort tendency” for people to talk about problems in a topic area instead of solutions to that problem. We do not try to fight this; we encourage it. We allow participants to release those feelings at the very beginning to find common ground. These pain points can hijack key solution based exercises later in the process, gain an understanding of the negatives, unite the participants, and develop strategies to turn pains into gains.




Traditionally, the work we do within the Idea Realization capability closely relates to product development, yet we use the terminology of “realization” because often in this stage we are leveraging Lean methods and engaging in a cycle of build -test- learn.


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In the final development phases, 39A wants to be your vision partner.