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39A metaphor

In the 1950s and 1960s, space exploration embodied hope, optimism, pride and innovative determination around the world  -- and Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center was the setting for the most important missions of the era.


However, 39A was more than a location -- it was the hub of hundreds of highly talented, incredibly dedicated men and women whose precision and professionalism made space flight and moon landings possible.  


Through the decades since then, 39A has supported lift-off for Space Shuttles, satellites and now SpaceX.  With each new user, the launch machinery and methods changed, but the purpose -- and the dedication -- didn’t.  


We aim to harness the same energy of cutting-edge social and technical achievements, combined with dedication and collaboration, and use them as inspiration for our 39A.


We’re entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping other entrepreneurially-minded people develop their ideas. Just like in the space program, a rocket never leaves the ground without a launch pad -- and never gets to the launch pad without a ground crew that has the knowledge and experience to make sure the launch goes right.


We help translate your ideas into solutions that people want to use. We strive to prove stakeholder acceptance early in the process and validate your ideas with your best markets. We help you break down resistance to your ideas and turn skeptics into advocates.


We don’t do consulting-as-usual. We integrate industry experience with the new research and technologies that are being developed in universities. Our plug-and-play model leverages specialists from our network of experienced and emerging designers to assemble the right team for your situation at every step along the way.  


For us, a research report or “next steps” is never a final deliverable.  We’re experts at design thinking and doing. We work with you to discover your idea’s unique value, and walk with you through our lean innovation process to help pave an efficient path to market.  


We believe that good design means advocating for humans.  We pride ourselves on building empathy for your idea’s future users, so that you see what they need, what they hope for, what they are striving for in their own lives.  We know that solutions that meet deep human needs do more than sell -- they create a following, a culture, a legacy that lasts.

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