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After decades of working in agencies, consulting, and universities, we are experts in design and product innovation. Experience leads our disposition; that innovative ideas need strategic thinking and design activation. Innovators at various sizes and levels of business struggle to bring their ideas to life, they encounter resistance internally and externally from users. We use a hybrid Design Thinking and Lean approach to break down resistance to ideas, and turn critics into advocates.


From empathy-based user understanding to rapid prototyping, we know that excellent design and guidance enables ideas for an opportunity, gaining acceptance, realization, and finalization. We believe that our most significant value lies in our ability to help great ideas define resistance and launch successfully.

Gap in the

39A started as an academic idea that focused on Cincinnati’s start-up ecosystem, and from a desire within the entrepreneurial community to tap into the world-class design talent of the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning.

Leveraging Experience

We do not do consulting-as-usual.


We integrate industry experience with new research and technologies developed in universities.


The founders of 39A have a passion for human advocacy.  That passion means we fiercely advocate for users and our clients.

Critical Pivots

Naturally, entrepreneurs are anxious to build their product to launch, but as consultants, we design projects to identify critical assumptions and only move forward after testing essential hypotheses.

Tangible Solutions

For us, a research report or next steps are never a final deliverable.


We work with clients to discover market potential and walk with them through our lean innovation process to help pave an efficient path to market. Moreover, of course, build that Consensus.

extending client funding

LAM -Solutions workshop, $200k in funding for ideas in two days


Acuoflow- In two years, 3 rounds of accelerator funding for product development and user testing of an advanced C-Pap system.


AnMT (Children’s Hospital) -$1 million in NSF grant funding.

Adaptive Resourcing

We provide an unbiased evaluation of those affected by a new idea and leverage a "plug and play" lean and agile team.

39A can design a cohort that is there for you in a co-creative way. Our location and connections allow us to take full advantage of a fresh, non-biased talent pool from several disciplines and guided by seasoned professionals.


39A strives to maintain the ideas "intent" and keep the passion levels high.


By being compassionate, we build trust so our client can do what they do best, and they allow us to do the same.


In many cases, an agency focuses on the front or back end of development.


39A plays in a unique space of thinking and doing. We use several techniques to understand "Why" and can take those "whys" and translate them into testable “Whats."

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